Professional Work Samples

One professional work sample comes from my internship. The actual site for Lake Warren is an example of my professional work because it comes from my internship. For the internship, I was able to take on a client, which was Lake Warren and help them turn their old website into a new and updated version. The site shows how I strategically organized the site to meet the needs of those visiting the site for information about the lake as well as those that are already members of the lake. I also use an updated background and pictures that look highly eye-appealing. Creating this site for a well-known organization grasps the idea for a professional work sample.

Additionally, while a part of group communication, the class had the opportunity of creating a 5k run for the town of Monmouth, Illinois. We were separated into separate groups that would assist with successfully producing the 5k run. I contributed with the volunteer form in order to give the potential volunteers information about the 5k as well as receiving their pledge to help with the run. The form was also used as consent for the volunteers which is standard when having volunteers for an event such as the 5k run. This was a sample of a professional work sample because of the language used in the forms given to the volunteers; specifically, the information given to them in the structure of a volunteer form. I learned how to properly and effectively give instructions while also furthering my experience with working in groups.

Moreover, a professional work sample comes from the job shadow that I had the opportunity to have. I was able to shadow an event planner and have the chance to help her plan a sweet 16 birthday party. During this time, I had the opportunity to create customized and signature graphics that would appear as decorations for the event. I was also able to go to the venue with the director and assist her with the setup of the event. I helped with placement of decorations and directing those at the venue on how the event was planned to go and their instructions on how to see the plans succeed. The graphics I helped to create are a part of the professional work sample because it shows the various ways that event planners have grown to make their business unique which I was able to be a part of for this specific event. Also, by working hands-on with the event and having the ability to give instructions and supplying my creativity allowed this to be a professional work sample.