Thoughtful Application and Knowledge

Communication Criticism/Evaluation-Rhetorical Criticism

Rhetorical Criticism To begin, the message of my rhetorical criticism was to discuss how individualism has replaced the communitarian ideology of feminism. Specifically, I thought it would be interesting to examine such a high-profile movement in the feminist community that appeared to have been altered into an individualistic ideal. The Feminism Criticism was the approach I used… Continue reading Communication Criticism/Evaluation-Rhetorical Criticism


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Persuasion-Campaign Plan

Campaign Plan The communication knowledge that I used to create this message was the theories and appeals that I learned about in Persuasion. There were two primary theories that I utilized for the development of my campaign plan, which were the Elaboration Likelihood Model and McGuire’s Two Stage Model. McGuire’s Two Stage Model was used because of… Continue reading Persuasion-Campaign Plan

Thoughtful Application and Knowledge

Interpersonal Communication-Application Paper

Application Paper The artifact that this essay is focusing on is the application I completed for Interpersonal Communication on the differences between feminine and masculine communication cultures. To properly understand the communication culture differences between feminine cultures and masculine cultures, you need to know the characteristics that are in the categories for each communication culture.… Continue reading Interpersonal Communication-Application Paper

Thoughtful Application and Knowledge

Communication Theory

Communication Theory-Comm 230 Research Paper The artifact that I chose was my Communication 230 research paper where I examined The Social Penetration Theory. The purpose of the assignment was to show my knowledge about the theory, give insight about the theory from further knowledge and then apply it to real-life experiences. Prior to writing my… Continue reading Communication Theory