Skillful Message Construction and Execution

Professional Communication

Press Release

This reflection will be based on the artifact I created for my internship which was a press release. The press release was made in order to express my experiences with the internship as well as give further insight about my future after the internship. This was an assignment that needed to be completed in order to finalize my thoughts on the internship including my future plans. The central purpose for the press release was to give an overview of my experiences with the internship. It also had the purpose for explaining the criteria of the internship and all that I was expected to do. The thesis for my press release was to capture the essence of my experience with the internship, which, in turn, led to the creation of my statement. The statement basically talked about my internship. The target audience for the press release was my advisor for the internship. The other target audience for the artifact were those inquiring about this particular internship working for City Hall in Monmouth, Illinois. The message of the press release was to illustrate the experience that I had with the internship.

When preparing my press release, I recognized how much work would go into producing a statement that I had not done before. Consequently, there were many things done to successfully execute the message strategy of the press release. Hence, there are two specific things that I will elaborate further. For example, one of the things I did was look and review previous press releases created which were provided on the Monmouth College Communication Department page. There were a couple of example press releases that I read in order to understand the structure of a press release. I also read the examples in order to gain an understanding of the content that needed to be in my press release, especially for this specific audience since it was the same before. Moreover, another example of something I did in order to execute the message strategy was actually include the material that I noticed from previous press releases into my own press release. After reviewing previous press releases, I followed the structure of the older ones I looked at as well as including themes and subjects that I noticed in those same press releases.

My personal press release was a skillfully created professional message because of many specific reasons. For instance, my press release was a professional statement created after a professional experience I had. By formatting the statement in an adequate way with information that the audience would be interested in, the press release was executed. Moreover, I learned from previous press releases and built my own off them. A tool I used was the Communication Studies Department webpage that supplied previous press release that were completed accurately. Specifically, in an example press release, the person spoke in third person as well as including information about the internship. Consequently, I stated “The responsibilities for the internship that Murdix had for the internship was to create a website for a client from start to finish, create and maintain client relations, manage and maintain web content and gain deeper knowledge with web technology. She also had the responsibilities to organize and update a prior website.” Here, I used professional terminology when discussing the details about what the responsibilities for the internship were. This statement correlates with the message of the press release which was to give information on my experience while interning. This example also created a professional statement by being written in the third person. It was reflective of what an actual press release would be if it was going to be printed and released to other places. Since I had no prior experience with writing a press release, I relied on the insight from the ones I found on the department page. I also gathered the information about the tasks and responsibilities from my internship contract constructed by my site supervisor and myself. This was another tool I used to add depth to my press release because it gave more information about the duties I had while at my internship which was important to have in my press release. Therefore, by stating those same tasks from the contract, I applied the same professional terminology in the press release in order to create a professional message.

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