Skillful Message Construction and Execution

Oral Communication

Abnormal Psychology Group Presentation

The artifact I will elaborate on is the presentation my group and I delivered for Abnormal Psychology. The diagnosis discussed during the presentation was Narcissism. This was a group project where we had to take a disorder we learned about from previously lectures and apply it to a broaden subject that would educate the audience further on the disorder. Through the terminology used and evidence to support the ideologies presented for the topic, the presentation was given in a successful and efficient manner.  Also, the presentation was given to an audience of students as well as a professor that had prior knowledge on personality disorders. My group and I knew the audience had prior knowledge about narcissism personality disorder which allowed us to speak about the disorder with using certain terms we knew the audience would comprehend. The thesis for the presentation was why Donald Trump should be diagnosed as Narcissistic. The purpose of the message was to demonstrate how much I’ve learned during the duration of the semester as well as showing my knowledge about the disorder from the research I conducted for this project.

There was much preparation done to successfully execute the presentation. The message strategy for the presentation was to show knowledge about narcissism and why Donald Trump could be diagnosed with narcissism. During the presentation, we gave information about narcissism. We did this in order to inform the audience more about the narcissistic personality order. This was done in order to have the audience completely understand the material being presented to further the knowledge on why we thought that Donald Trump could be diagnosed with narcissism. For example, I spoke about what narcissism was and the symptoms for it. Another example is when I showed a clip that correlated with the information I presented to the class. I used footage of Donald Trump using language which proved to be what related to the material I gave. For example, in one of the clips, Trump states “I think apologizing’s a great thing, but you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize, sometime hopefully in the distant future, if I’m ever wrong.” The language used by him refers to him acknowledging how he doesn’t think he couldn’t be wrong, so he wouldn’t have to apologize. The clip was used as a form of evidence to prove the claims that I was making during the presentation. Since the purpose of the presentation was to give further knowledge on the disorder while also presenting on the topic in a new perspective, it was decided to present new information on narcissism with applying it to an actual case study.

As previously stated, there were elements a part of the presentation which I included to successfully execute the terms of the project. I stated that I used abnormal psychology terminology about narcissism then gave further information about the personality disorder. In the presentation, I wanted to allow the audience to be able to make the connection for how the personality disorder narcissism correlates with the demeanor of Donald Trump. This would then change their perspectives that would result in them seeing the ways on why Donald Trump could be diagnosed as narcissistic. Hence, I researched further information about the diagnosis narcissism. I took the route of gathering facts about the history and recent findings. Then I went to look at Donald Trump videos relating to those findings. By providing information about the disorder gave the audience facts about the disorder. For instance, for my portion of the presentation, I provided the fact one with narcissism would be “overinflated with one’s self, have low-empathy for others and feels entitled to special privileges.” This allowed the audience to make the connection between the facts and Donald Trump’s behavior.

For the presentation, there were things I did for the delivery of my speech in order to execute my portion of the presentation. As stated previously, we had to present to a classroom of students that had taken the Abnormal Psychology course as well as the professor of the course. Although they knew about the subject, I was going to be discussing a case where the person was a candidate running for president where either those in the class was in favor of him or disliked him. Consequently, I made the decision to use visual aids like the clips because it helped the audience see with their own eyes the mannerisms of Donald Trump. I also provided visual aids to assist the audience with better understanding the material being presented. Additionally, I delivered the presentation with minor notes and gave the audience direct eye contact. This was done to execute the presentation because it made me assertive of the research I had done and made the audience engaged with the topic I was discussing. As a whole, I took narcissism personality disorder and applied it to a broader topic that pushed me to deliver the subject in manner to execute the presentation.

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