Skillful Message Construction and Execution

Mediated Communication

Lake Warren Website

I had the pleasure of having an internship for City Hall in Monmouth, Illinois. The objective for the internship was to create a refurbished website for an organization in Monmouth. The organization was a local lake that housed people from around the U.S. as a permanent residency while others uses it as a vacation location. I had the task of taking an old website and turning it into a new and updated version. The website was a good quality message because it gave updated information on the organization while providing a captivating site that would appease to a wider audience. The thesis for the website was to produce a website that efficiently exemplifies information from the old organization’s website to the new one I created . The message for the website was to give the city of Monmouth a fresh look to those that don’t know a lot about the town while also giving the residents a sense of pride for living in Monmouth. The purpose for the message was to give the organization a fresh look to then appeal to their primary and secondary audiences. The primary audience for the website are the members of the lake and the secondary audience were others who don’t know much about the lake but inquiring about it. Knowing that these were the target audiences, I accurately organize the information to be straightforward and eye-appealing; members will be able to know where to locate information directly to them and others learn about the website from first looks. This is important because viewers of the website would be able to access information easily and efficiently.

For the website, there were many tasks I was given to complete the bigger project which was producing a new website for the lake. More specifically, there are two things I will identify and elaborate about which I did to execute the message strategy. For example, I thought about the purpose for the website which was to create a product for the lake that would appeal to both audiences. Consequently, I organized the menu items on the website in accordance to the audiences and the items on the website that would be most important to them. I knew what information was important based on the insight from the client. The client had experience with the audience’s needs and wants.  The menu items along with the information on the site were categorized in terms of what would be best to show those that don’t know much about the site and then for the members of the lake. Also, on the website, I included key images of the lake. Since the purpose of the website was to be look refurbished and be attractive to the primary and secondary audiences. Hence, I chose to include the images of the lake in order to achieve this task.

Additionally, I wanted to capture key concepts of the lake that would allow the audiences to be able to gain the lake experience through the website. Since they would only have the website to gain knowledge about the lake without actually going to take a visit there or having to reach out to one of the board members, I wanted the website to be a nice snapshot of what to expect from the lake while also giving the members the information needed to stay informed about the lake. This was successfully executed through the organizing of the information being placed on the website and then categorizing all that information into menu items that went according to the certain audiences. For instance, on the website, the menu items are in the order as follows: home, lake experience, calendar, seasons at the lake and then membership. This successfully executed the message strategy because it offered information to both audiences in a form of importance. By having the menu items be in the order that they are, I was able to make it clear and concise to be able to appeal to both audiences. The organization of the menu items successfully executed the message strategy by also being appealing to the point where the new viewers of the site would be led with all the information to then want to view the membership menu and potentially become a member of the lake.

There was another aspect of the website that was key in successfully executing the message strategy for this particular artifact. This key concept were the images placed in different areas of the website. These images were used in order to acknowledge the ideals behind showing the lake experience through images. Showing the images would attract both audiences for different reasons. Due to the fact that the message was to give both audiences information about the lake as well as give them the lake experience, the images were included to give further insight about the lake with the use of visuals. The visuals used were a vital part of the website because it showed information for new viewers and members. This was by showing the lake experience to the new comers with various areas of the lake being shown in the images. The members view the pictures and see the areas of the lake to further their knowledge about it.

Furthermore, the software I used to create for the website was a tool called Joomla+. This tool was what I used to successfully execute the message for the website. The tool allowed me to setup the organization of the website. It also gave me the advantage of including the slideshow of images on the “Home” page of the website. Joomla+ was a database created for projects like mine. It offered opportunities to take the old lake warren website from what it was to the refurbished product that it is now. Also, I used the lake warren Facebook page as another tool in creating certain features on the site. The images on their Facebook page provided more personable insight on how the lake operates with its residents. The Facebook page gave me more information to work with to create features around the site to make it more exciting to search through for the various viewers. Concluding, the website was a finished product from different tools that made an old site become more enjoyable for all that views it.


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