Thoughtful Application and Knowledge

Interpersonal Communication-Application Paper

Application Paper

The artifact that this essay is focusing on is the application I completed for Interpersonal Communication on the differences between feminine and masculine communication cultures. To properly understand the communication culture differences between feminine cultures and masculine cultures, you need to know the characteristics that are in the categories for each communication culture. According to Judith Butler, what we know as gender are “acts” or behaviors that repeated by individuals. Consequently, the masculine communication culture’s characteristics are to achieve a goal in the conversation, trying to attract and maintain others’ attention, assert ideas, and/or competing for the attention to take it away from others. On the other hand, the feminine communication culture’s characteristics are communicating to maintain relationships, establish egalitarian relations with others, to include others and/or show sensitivity to others. Although I didn’t thoroughly state these characteristics in my application paper, I did explain those that connected to the personal experiences I elaborated on in the actual paper. In doing this, I was able to illustrate the knowledge I had about the separate communication cultures to then apply them to past and present experiences.

Moreover, with the knowledge that I had about the feminine and masculine communication cultures, I was able to apply it to past and present experiences of mine. For example, I applied the masculine communication culture’s characteristics to an experience from past. In my application paper, I stated that “I was more interested in having the attention while also talking to achieve something. I learned this from my male counterparts. Since I hung out with them so frequently, I adjusted my communication structure in order to achieve something which was showing the importance of my position in our friend group. I had also adapted to communicating to have the attention when speaking because it’s what I had to do when communicating with that group of friends.” Here, I address a couple of the characteristics that are a part of the masculine communication culture. I took the characteristics that were a part of the masculine communication culture and described how I did so in order to adapt to the communication culture of my male counterparts. Additionally, I was able to apply the constructs about feminine communication culture to an example in my life. For instance, I stated “[my mom] treated me in certain ways that would force me to communicate in a more feminine manner. Our conversations would become relationship based and made me more concerned with the friendships I had at that time and made me more interested in the well-being of others.” Here, I applied my knowledge about the feminine communication culture to a way that I identified it to be in my life. By taking the ideals and characteristics of the feminine communication culture and applying them to a specific part of my life, I accurately showed application in my application paper.

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