Thoughtful Application and Knowledge

Communication Criticism/Evaluation-Rhetorical Criticism

Rhetorical Criticism

To begin, the message of my rhetorical criticism was to discuss how individualism has replaced the communitarian ideology of feminism. Specifically, I thought it would be interesting to examine such a high-profile movement in the feminist community that appeared to have been altered into an individualistic ideal. The Feminism Criticism was the approach I used because the theory’s focus is analyzing an artifact through the feministic lens.

The feminist community is known for the Slutwalk movement. It is a movement aiming towards informing people about rape culture. The Feminism Criticism was the communicational knowledge I used for my criticism because it enhanced my analysis due to its specific way of criticism which is through the feminist perspective. Using this approach allowed me to look at the artifacts that I used and analyze them by looking at them through a specific lens that was focused on gender. For example, in the essay, I stated, “the images clearly give vivid examples of ways that SlutWalks from the beginning as compared to the most recent SlutWalk have changed the perception of the motive of feminism.” Here, I am explaining how my artifacts of choice show the change of the slutwalk movements. I also used the Feminism Criticism because it focused on the feminist perspective. This meant that I could use terminology and facts from the feminist movement that would also apply to the artifacts that I used which also benefited my analysis. For instance, I stated, “The needs of women which were portrayed in the first SlutWalk has now been overshadowed by the needs of society and resulted in an individualistic ideology which took place in the Los Angeles SlutWalk.” By stating “needs,” I identified with the underlying issues that the feminist movement stands for specifically for rape culture that those with that knowledge would potentially know about as well. This further helped with my analysis because it allowed me to further my criticism and expand the ideologies about the artifacts that I used beyond the surface level thinking.

As stated before, the message of my rhetorical criticism was to discuss how individualism has replaced the communitarian ideology of feminism. I decided to use two artifacts for my rhetorical criticism. I used an image from the very first slutwalk and compared it to the most recent image of the slutwalk, which was the slutwalk hosted by the celebrity Amber Rose in 2014. Consequently, for my rhetorical criticism, I decided to compare and contrast the two images in order to analyze how there has become a shift with the ideology behind the slutwalks. For example, when comparing the images, I state, “In the image, the crowd that is allegedly ‘participating’ in the walk had gazes that were not focused on purpose of the walk.” This was making a conclusion about the image from the Slutwalk hosted by Amber Rose. In contrast, when I was analyzing the image from the very first Slutwalk, I exclaimed “The image invites the audience to grasp that the crowd is consumed with the purpose of the walk and their main objective is to collectively make change for the greater good of everyone pertaining to rape culture and slut shaming.” By comparing and contrasting the two images, I was able to use the theory Feministic Criticism in order to be able to criticize the 2011 slutwalk hosted by Amber Rose. The theory analyze feminist works in  terms of how they show the sacredness of the movements done. I took this ideology in order to form the conclusion that the slutwalk hosted by Amber Rose took away from what this specific movement represented. Also, with comparing and contrasting the images, I state how the slutwalk hosted by Amber Rose had the audience’s gaze on the celebrity as opposed to the actual march. I show this analysis by stating “They were more concentrated on Amber Rose whom was the center of attention of the SlutWalk. Due to her having a personal exigence for hosting the walk, she received recognition because of who she is. This idea expresses how individualism has replaced the communitarian ideology of feminism.” In this example, I identify the image displaying the slutwalk changing the ideal of the slutwalk movement. With having the feminist perspective, I accurately acknowledge how the shift of slutwalks have changed based on the one hosted by Amber Rose. By doing this, I show my knowledge on the Feministic Criticism approach.

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