As a child, I knew that one of the biggest goals that I had for myself was to become a person that helped others the best way that I possibly could. I knew that whatever career I had, it was a must that I worked with others in order to help them or their situations. This decision led me to want to go into the field of family social work. I became interested in this particular field after various ideas of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My life plan ideas began with me wanting to become a child’s psychologist. Then I thought about it further and thought about becoming a marriage counselor. However, after I gave that career idea more thought, I realized that a family is a unit. Everyone in the family is affected somehow by decisions that one could potentially make. If I’m going to invest in helping one person in the family, it’s essential to work with the other members of the family because issues don’t affect one person but the entire family. This specific logic is what led me to want to work with families because it’s vital that I help the entire family in order for their unit to be improved; I would rather help the entire unit in order for them to effective and better together than one person reaping all the benefits and the unit as a whole is still weak. Furthermore, the passion that I have for this particular career choice enforces my drive in order to not only make this my career but achieve my original goal: helping people.

Going into this field, I realize that there are certain skills, experience credentials and characteristics about myself that are needed in order to be the ideal person for the position. The skills that I possess are leadership, integrity, persistence, support, communicative and analytical skills. These skills are needed in order to be a well-rounded family therapist because they are essential to being a social worker well-known for their reliability and helpful abilities. The experience that I have had pertaining to being a family therapist that’s non-academic is volunteering and being a mentor to younger girls that were in my high school. Also, I was camp counselor for a non-profit organization in the neighborhood from my childhood. Academically, I have taken various courses that are related to the field of being a family therapist. I have taken courses such as Psychology 101, Social Psychology, Psychology of Gender, Communication 101, Group Communication and Persuasion. I have spoken with various people about my career goal idea, specifically, a career advisor from the Career Center at Monmouth College. By following these ambitions, I plan to fulfill my career goals.

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